Registration Fees for 2017

Age Group
Registration Fee
Juniors (CRJSA) U6 to U7 $105.00
Juniors (CRJSA) U8 to U12 $210.00
Youth (girls & boys) U13 to U16 $355.00
Youth (girls & boys) U17 to U18 $465.00
Senior Men & Women (incl. Social Leagues) Open age $465.00

Youth players will need to be fully registered by Monday, 27 February 2017 to be eligible to play in a South Hobart FC team playing in the FFT rosters.

Junior players will need to be fully registered by Friday, 31 March 2017 to be eligible to play in a South Hobart FC team playing in the CRJSA rosters.

A bit About Player Registration Fees

Every cent of your player registration fees goes directly into football. 

You get to play football in organised competitions recognised ultimately by FIFA, insurance cover as a player and/or as a volunteer, club support, quality training with qualified coaches and facilities. Plus all registered South Hobart players get free ground entry to all our PS4 National Premier League Home Games at Darcy Street. For juniors this includes one adult who takes you to games.

South Hobart FC is a not for profit community club with no paid employees and total reliance on volunteers. Sources of income are limited to player registrations, fundraising—including volunteers operating the canteen—and sponsorships. Sometimes we are gifted funds from loyal supporters. Contrary to gossip, our PS4 National Premier League Squad of 20 are not paid. Although their registration fees are covered—this is possible thanks to the generosity of sponsors and not from the pockets of other players.

Yes, over $1.5 million is being spent at Wellesley Park—on the ground and club rooms. No, this does not mean our Club is cashed up. Wellesley Park is owned by the Hobart City Council (HCC) and the project costs have been covered by successive Liberal and Labor Governments and the HCC through specific purpose grants. These funds are not accessible to our Club.

Paying registration fees early is of huge benefit to us. Our volunteer Coaches, Committee and above all Treasurer will be enormously thankful. It makes our jobs much easier. Although Registration Fees have increased slightly this year we believe that our fees remain value for money and are more consistent (and fairer) across the board.

Costs involved in fielding teams include the FFT/CRJSA team nomination fees, ground hire, first aid kits, administrative expenses, medallions (all junior players and premiership winning teams), trophies (youth and senior teams), referee costs (youth and senior games) and facilities hire and fit out (Wellesley and Darcy Street).

Player Registration Fees do not include the cost of our end of year Club Awards Dinner for our youth and senior teams—which is run on a cost recovery basis of around $80/head and is not a fundraiser—or any costs associated with youth and junior tournaments and any training with Morton’s Soccer School (which is optional for youth players).

Please consider registering early and help your Club kick off 2017.

Qualified Coaches

At SHFC we would like all players to be guided on match day by FFA qualified coaches. The reality is that for our junior teams we will rely on parents to volunteer in coaching roles on match days, however, do not want these few parents both giving up their time and being lumped with the cost of becoming accredited. This is a cost that we believe should be shared by everyone and as such it has been incorporated in the junior registration fees. Please contact Victoria Morton if you are interested in a junior coaching role. We will need one parent for each junior team. SHFC will endeavour to support this parent by having our coaching players attend games, but this will be subject to their own playing commitments.

Parents, if you plan on assisting with any team (as a team manager or match day coach) that has children under the age of 18 in it, you will need to register as a volunteer with South Hobart FC and apply to have a compulsory "Working with Children" check done as per South Hobart FC policy. The cost is $17.76 and the club is happy to refund you if you provide us with a copy of your receipt. To finalise your registration as a volunteer you will need to text or email a photo of your 'Working with Children Card' to our Registrar Colleen Harbod.

Junior Registration

Also included in our Junior Registration fees for 2017 are a pair of Nike navy blue football socks and free entry for one adult accompanying a registered junior player to SHFC PS4 National Premier League. This is because many of our juniors attend as ball boys or to play at half time. This means a parent/guardian accompanying a registered junior player will not have to pay entry fees at the gate for any 2017 PS4 National Premier League games played at Darcy Street. Junior players will need to be fully registered by Monday, 3 April 2017 to be eligible to play in a South Hobart FC team playing in the CRJSA roster.

Support our PS4 Victory League

Although there is no gate entry fee charged to children aged 12 and under, persons aged 13 and over are required to pay entry fees for all PS4 National Premier League (PS4 NPL) and Challenge League home games. However, if you are a registered player for South Hobart Football Club in the 2017 season you do not need to pay for entry to any PS4 NPL matches played at Darcy Street.

It is also noteworthy that although we are fielding a PS4 NPL team, the cost of doing so has not necessitated any increase in player registration fees. We have secured generous sponsorships that cover our PS4 NPL licence fee of around $10,000 per year. Also, unlike wealthier clubs, none of our senior players receive any remuneration for playing for us (we simply cannot afford this). Players come to SHFC because of our success, professional reputation, quality coaching, family-like atmosphere, and the spirit of friendship.

We hope that you will register your children to play for SHFC this year. After our success in past years, it is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year.

Player Pathways

Everyone is welcome to play at our Club and if you are aged 13 and over in 2017 you DO NOT need to sign up for our Development Programs, provided by our development partner Morton's Soccer School (MSS), to play for us. However, if you are aged 12 and under in 2017 you will need to sign up for one of the MSS junior development programs (for ages 5-8) or the South Hobart SAP Program (for ages 9-12) to be able to play for us.

How to Register

The Club registration fees are set up in MyFootballClub. Please note that the fees are broken down in your invoice (generated by your registration) into the following components: the Club component; the FFT or CRJSA component; and the FFA component.

Players are required to self register to play for South Hobart FC via MyFootballClub. Self registration is quite an easy process, however, should you have any trouble please call the help line number (02) 8020 4199. The people at the end of the line are very helpful.

MyFootballClub is Football Federation Australia’s Club Development program and among other functions one of its key roles is to assist clubs with as on-line registration, facilities, and volunteers. The online registration process allows footballers to register to play for their club at their convenience and anytime they wish, 24 hours a day.

Below are instructions on how to register. If, after reading and following the instructions and you have had no joy from the My Football Club Helpdesk (call 02 8020 4199), please send an email to our Registrar Jared Watkins with details of your problem.

First instruction - Follow the old adage "when all else fails read the instructions".

Logging in for the first time in 2017

Go to and select 2017 Player Registration from the right hand side.

Welcome to 2017 Online Registration. You will be presented with two (2) options:

Select Option 1 if you used the online registration with MyFootballClub for the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 season. You will be taken to the 2017 registration page, where you enter your FFA number and password to login.

Your FFA number is a unique identification code that was given to you by FFA when you registered online in or after 2006. If you have forgotten your FFA number or password, follow the prompts on the login page to have your details emailed to you.

Select Option 2 if you have never used online registration. You will be taken to the new user page. Here you will be presented with two options on the New User Page:

  1. If you have played football in Australia within last six (6) years you will be taken to a page that will allow you to find your FFA number. After you have found this, you can proceed to the 2017 registration.
  2. If you have never played football in Australia before you will be prompted to create a new account and you will be issued with an FFA Registration number that you can use to login. Then you can proceed to the 2017 registration page.

MyFootballClub Register to Play

Once you have your FFA number and password you can log into the MyFootballClub website. Either click “Make a Registration” when you first log in or click “Register to Play”

Type the name of the club you wish to register with (in this case South Hobart Football Club), select player, and select the registration package. If the message “No products available“ appears please contact the Club or look on the Club website to clarify if registrations are open.

Once you have selected your club and registration package follow the steps to complete the registration. This will also give you the option of registering with a credit card. Please follow the instructions to do so. Alternatively you can generate an invoice and make the payment directly into the South Hobart Football Club Westpac account via EFT. Remember your registration will not be approved if you have not paid for it - "No Pay, No Play".

Westpac Bank

South Hobart Football Club

BSB: 037-001

A/C #: 567227

Reference: <player name> rego

A reminder that all players, coaches and volunteers that register with South Hobart FC are required to abide by the relevant Codes of Conduct in our Policies section.

Confirmation of Registration

Your Club registration is pending until the Club Registrar completes the final step of accepting your registration after payment has been made. You will NOT be registered to play until the Club Registrar has completed this step. 

You can monitor your registration status by logging into MyFootballClub and viewing your Registration Status on the Registration Details page.