Ken Morton retains his staff from the 2017 season with the addition of Brendan Lakoseljac as an Assistant Coach (who will be undertaking his C licence in the next course) and James Bell, who moves from coaching the Under 18s to the Challenge League.

Ken Morton Final

Ken Morton - NPL Men's Manager (AFC A licence)

Nick Lapolla

Nick Lapolla - NPL Men's Coach and PlayerTek Analyst (completing the FFA C licence)

 Chris Oddie

Chris Oddie - NPL Men's Assistant Coach (FFA C Licence)

Brendan Ken

Brendan Lakoseljac - NPL Men's Assistant Coach (Undertaking the FFA C licence)

Matt Lancaster

Matt Lancaster - NPL Men's Team Physiotherapist

Mark Moncur Final

Mark Moncur - Goal Keeper Coach and NPL Men's Team Manager

Noel Clark

Noel Clark - NPL Match Day Manager

James Bell

James Bell - Challenge League Coach (FFA C licence)

Other coaching announcements to follow.