Tasmania has a points threshold of 200 points. Clubs must name a squad of 20 players before the season starts. The maximum number of points any Tasmanian NPL club can have is 200 points. If any of the named players change then the club must "swap" them out for another player. Any changes must be submitted to FFT by the Wednesday before the game weekend. The total points is then recalculated and approved or declined by FFT.

2017 03 29 SHFC PlayerPoints for publication

If you study our points spreadsheet you will see that visa players are 25 points and changing club players are around 14 points. If players are “home grown” and young they are not worth many points at all. This does not make them valuable to clubs in the NPL in fact, quite the opposite  but the less points a player the easier to stay under the 200 points. 

We are very proud to be able to name a squad of 23 players which reaches a total of only 164 points (Updated 29 March 2017)

If you have any questions around how this works please ask.