The South Hobart Skill Acquisition Program (SAP)

Changes to Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) player development structures in 2014 now mean licensed clubs are offering the FFA Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) direct to junior players turning 9 to 12. South Hobart Football Club has been providing SAP training since 2015.

By handing SAP licences to clubs, the FFT hopes more juniors will play at a higher standard. It will also enable the FFT to better identify talented players to be invited into FFT development pathways at an older age.

SAP has been designed by the FFA specifically to provide a structure for junior skills based coaching. MSS will be providing our coaching for the South Hobart SAP (as they do for all of our junior programs) and will continue to offer optional extended opportunities for all players, including players who do not choose to join SAP.

The major features of South Hobart SAP are:

  • South Hobart SAP is run in four distinct age groups (U9, U10, U11 and U12).
  • South Hobart SAP is optional. Players can continue to train with MSS as usual.
  • South Hobart SAP kicks off on Tuesday 7 February and runs in line with State School Terms.
  • South Hobart SAP involves training twice per week – Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same time and venue as regular MSS, but in a separate group. This makes it easier for siblings to train.
  • SAP players wear a navy blue kit with South Hobart badges.
  • South Hobart SAP Program cost is $130/month, payable in advance (similar to MSS programs). Payment is to be made directly to South Hobart FC and Bank account details will be provided to parents whose children opt in.
  • South Hobart SAP is overseen by our Assistant Technical Director Ned Clarke.
  • Ken Morton will have a major coaching role. Other coaches will be appropriately qualified.
  • Those attending South Hobart SAP are welcome to play for South Hobart FC, another non-SAP Club or their school.

Players opting to join South Hobart SAP will need to complete our new online enrolment form.

Playing for South Hobart Football Club

If you have enrolled in any of the MSS Junior Programs then you will have the option of playing for South Hobart Football Club in the Central Region Junior Soccer Association (CRJSA) competitions. Just make sure you tick the "playing for South Hobart FC" box in the MSS online enrolment form or SAP online enrolment form. You will also need to register separately to play for South Hobart FC via

If you are in the SAP Squad then you can play for South Hobart, any other non-SAP club or your school team.

Please note that to play for South Hobart there is an additional player registration fee. These will be detailed on the Player Registrations page in the Club Info section and junior players will need to be registered to play for South Hobart FC by Fiday, 31 March 2017 to be eligible for placement in a team.

MSS Junior Programs

Morton's 4 Kids 4 to 7 $50/month $100/month
Junior Development 8 $70/month $130/month
Girls Only 8 to 12 $70/month $130/month
Goal Keeper 8 to 18 $70/month $130/month
South Hobart SAP* 9 to 12 $70/month $130/month
*SAP is a two day/week training program but we understand that there may be times when your child can only commit to train once a week. Please note that training once per week in this program may impact on eligibility on participating in the regional Cup competitions.

If you are interested in our SAP or other MSS Programs and would like to try a session before you commit, please contact Victoria Morton on 0417 597 643. The 2017 programs commence on Tuesday, 7 February, but kids can join at any time.